Monday, April 30, 2007

More Frame Work

Matt, Jordan and I assembled much of the remainder of the frame on Sunday. It takes quite a while to drill through steel, so we were only able to attach the two long diagonal trusses and the top bearing support. To make a 3/8" hole through 1/8" steel using a hand drill required about 6 different bits - starting with 1/8" and working up to the 3/8" bit.

I was hoping we would be able to create the turbine ribs, but it turns out that welding EMT conduit to black steel pipe is trickier than we thought. Dan from University Theater diagnosed the problem and will hopefully weld the ribs this week. Bob got some work done on the pulley wheels, so I am looking forward to putting them into place.

Also, the flywheel should be arriving soon; it's a 90 pounder salvaged from a John Deere tractor.

Drill-master Jordan.

Me drilling holes for the top bearing.

You can see the two diagonal trusses and the bearing mount up top.

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