Monday, April 23, 2007

Flywheel and Alternator Placement

Bob drew up this CAD layout to figure out where the alternators, pulley wheels and the flywheel will be placed. The alternator in the top right corner will be directly connected to the turbine rotor by a pulley belt looped around the massive wheel Bil Becker supplied us with. The other alternator, at the far left, will be indirectly connected to the turbine rotor, and will rotate with the flywheel. This will be accomplished by using an intermediate shaft (located in between the turbine shaft and the right-side alternator) that will transmit power from the turbine rotor to the flywheel. The lower pulley wheel on this shaft will be mounted on a bicycle freewheel, which will allow the flywheel to continue rotating even after the turbine slows down. In order to compensate for the rotational velocity that is lost by placing a pulley belt between the flywheel and the freewheel-driven pulley wheel, an extra-large pulley wheel will be mounted on the same shaft as the flywheel. This XL pulley wheel will be machined from a solid 24" x 24" x 1" piece of polyethylene, an extremely dense and rigid plastic. This pulley wheel will be connected via pulley belt to the alternator on the left hand side.

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