Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Relocation and Updates

Matt and Bob painted the turbine a few weeks ago to protect it from the elements. It looks immaculate. I have since moved to Boston after graduating this June, but progress is steadily being made on the turbine. The folks from Patagonia contacted us about applying for one of their Environmental Grants. More news about that should be coming soon.

We were also contacted by Peacepoint TV about filming the turbine for a show they're doing on the Science channel. We'll see what happens.

Below are some pictures of Bob and Matt moving the turbine across the Midway.

Bob with the turbine in front of the SSA.

Rolling down Ellis Ave.

In front of the Admin Building.

Standing in front of its new (temporary) home.

Testing the winds on the roof of the parking garage.

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Anonymous said...

Hello in Chicago,

I am very interested in this project, is there any progress, or did you interrupt?

Greetings from Berlin, Germany